There’s No Business Like Spa Business

From Michelle Williams Oscar-nominated performance in My Week with Marilyn, to fictional Broadway in NBC’s Smash, Marilyn Monroe-inspired entertainment is making a comeback. In fact, the blonde bombshell is even making an impression on the spa industry. This fall, Niki Bryan, founder of Niki Bryan Spa Management Company, and Al Weiss, past president of World Wide Operations, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, plan to take the Marilyn experience one step further with Marilyn Monroe Spas, LLC. With exclusive rights to the spa, salon, nail, health, and wellness categories, the company plans to offer spa guests an all-encompassing Marilyn experience. “The synergy between Marilyn Monroe and the spa industry is both significant and organic,” says Nick Woodhouse, chief merchandising and marketing officer with Authentic Brands Group, which represents the Marilyn Monroe estate. “Coupling the glamorous appeal of Marilyn Monroe with the luxurious indulgence of spa and beauty makes for a very promising partnership.”

What do you think about a Marilyn-inspired spa? Are there any other celebrities you’d like to see a spa modeled after?