3 Updates to Sunless Tans by St. Tropez


sunless tanningHaving a naturally pale skintone, it’s not easy for me to get my glow on. Needless to say, discovering a self-tanner that matches my fair complexion has been a challenge. It’s worth it to avoid the damaging effects of the sun. When I was invited to attend St. Tropez’s Tanning Summit in New York City, I jumped at the chance to learn more about how to achieve a sunless, natural tan that doesn’t turn into 50 shades of orange. At the summit, I learned how self-tanning technology has changed in the past 20 years. Here are three notable innovations that can help your spa sell sunless tanning.

Tan-improving technologies: To enhance the appeal of its products, the brand has updated them with fast-absorbing, quick-drying, and hydrating textures, so they are  smooth and easy to apply to the skin. For its gradual tan products, the brand has introduced a new hydrating complex, Hydraglow, which provides moisture to help condition the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting tan.

A game-changing fragrance: St. Tropez partnered with Givaudan, a leading fragrance company, to incorporate a new fragrance with breakthrough mood-enhancing technology. It is also scientifically proven to eliminate the telltale faux tan smell that DHA generates in tanning products. The Givaudan scent captures the positive feelings of vacation.

Key Ingredients: Two new ingredients are in the mix in St. Tropez gradual tanning products. Jojoba ester, a deep tanning enhancer that helps the product to penetrate the outer layers of the skin for a deep and longer lasting glow. It also speeds up visible results. The second new ingredient is a new DHA blend that combines the brand’s signature 100 percent natural tanning active with Vegetan Premium, which is DHA with added melanin enhancers. “It’s a balanced blend to give a deeper golden glow and a really natural looking tan,” says executive vice president of global marketing and product development Jacqueline Burchell. 

How has your spa updated its sunless-tanning offerings to meet the glowing demand of spa-goers?