5 Ways to Promote Lemon-Based Treatments at Your Spa

Here are five ways to market lemon treatments to your clients.

1. Scent-sible Solution: “Lemon aromatherapy is great in the treatment room, as citrus scents are invigorating yet calming,” says Dorothea Fenech, training director at Guinot.

2. Brightening Boost: “I would suggest lemon treatments to anyone interested in resurfacing, lightening hyperpigmentation, treating acne, anti-aging treatments, and anyone looking for a radiant glow,” says Fenech.

3. Summer Specials: “Because of its sunny appearance and bright, refreshing scent, highlighting lemon products in the summer is a perfect fit,” says Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repêchage. “Creating packages that include refreshing treatments combined with lemon-inspired food and drinks, such as lemonade, can be a wonderful oasis in the heat of summer.”

4. Appealing Atmosphere: “Spas could brighten up decor with lemon and yellow decorations, and with lemon essential oil diffusers and candles for an uplifting scent,” says Sarfati. “This doesn’t have to be just for summer. Mid-winter could be a great time for AHA glycolic peels based on citric acid, and the same decor could be used.”

5. Wise Words: “Promote lemon products and treatments by using phrases such as Lemonade, Citrus Boost, Splash of Lemon, or A Squeeze of Lemon on the spa menu,” says Szilvia Hickman, owner of Szép Élet, distributor of Ilike Organic Skin Care. “Other treatment names may focus on benefits and nutrients, including Vita-C, Brightening, or Cleansing.”