Amazing Aromatics

One of my favorite parts of the spa experience is the pleasant aroma awaiting inside. Just one whiff and I'm whisked away into another world of calm, relaxation, and serenity even if I'm only around the corner from the office. Scents are indeed very powerful, and aromatherapy research has proven essential oils have a wide variety of benefits for the skin and overall health. They can be blended or used alone to impart benefits to clients. “I almost always feel that the best results come from blending a few oils together, rather than going with just a single note," says Nick James, founder of Body Bliss. "This is especially the case when using an oil like vetiver, where the scent of the oil on its own might not appeal to everyone. So, if you want an effective treatment for restlessness or insomnia, I would blend a little vetiver with some lavender and ylang-ylang. You’ll get better results and people will be begging to know what was in that incredible oil you used on them."

We covered 26 different essential oils in Key Notes, but there are still many more incredible scents from which to choose for the perfect treatment and atmosphere in your spa. Check out a few more here:

Balsam Fir: Balsam fir features an uplifting aroma. According to Barbara Close, founder and CEO of Naturopathica, the oil is steam-distilled from the needles of the balsam fir tree and helps stimulate and bring alertness to the mind. 

Cardamom: When used during massage, cardamom helps ease muscle spasms.

Clove: Clove helps promote clarity and stimulates the mind.

Ginger Root: According to Close, ginger root is grounding, helps promote clarity, and can help ease nausea.

Juniper: Juniper boasts antiseptic, astringent, warming, and stimulating qualities, according to Close. According to James, it also helps relieve anxiety, stimulates the liver, and helps reduce water retention.

Pine: According to Geraldine Howard, cofounder and president of Aromatherapy Associates, pine is great for treatments that are designed to help relieve respiratory concerns.

Sweet Marjoram: This oil, according to James, has so many great uses, such as it can help lower blood pressure and reduce tension; it can help relieve insomnia, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion; its gentle warming action eases muscle tension and soreness, and soothes rheumatic pain; and it can also help relieve tension-related headaches.