B. Bronz Clearly Bronz Makes Sunless Tanning Clean & Easy

I love to be tan, but I also am well aware of the dangers of the sun, so instead of sporting a golden glow, I tend to look pretty pale most of the time. And while I know that sunless tanning is an ideal alternative, I dislike having the solution come off on my clothes and sheets, so I often just skip those services, as well. But last week, I made a fun new discovery—B. Bronz Clearly Bronz. The company was offering spray tans at Spa Merge in New York City to help kick off Fashion Week, so I stopped by to test out Clearly Bronz, which has no artificial coloring, is paraben free, features eco-certified organic ingredients, and is plant-based. Most importantly, it features no residue and no product ruboff, as it sprays on clear and develops without any sort of visible dyes. I received my spray tan from company owner and celebrity spray tanner Kelly Richardson after work. I went home, went to bed, and woke up with a gorgeous golden glow. The best part? Neither my PJs nor my sheets showed a drop of sunless tanning solution. Plus, I’ve been using the Tan Extending Lotion since receiving the service last week, and my tan is still going strong. I think I’ve found the perfect solution to my tanning needs. I guess the answer was Clearly Bronz all along.

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