Bhutan Proves to be an Enticing Retreat for Spa-Goers

Of all the places in the world that I long to visit, Bhutan ranks number one on the list. Of course, who wouldn't want to visit the remote Himalayan kingdom? It is, after all, the country that first came up with the idea of measuring its progress by relying on its Gross National Happiness index rather than its Gross Domestic Product. As if that isn't reason enough to aspire to visit, the fact that Bhutan values not only the happiness of its people but also their health and that of the planet provides another. Earlier this year, prime minister Jigme Thinley announced plans to convert all of Bhutan's agricultural land to organic farms. Shifting to a 100 percent organic nation will improve self-sufficiency of farms, improve the nation's economic standings, and preserve the nation's fresh water supply. No stranger to spas, the country is home to Uma Paro and Amankora, two spas that are also on my bucket list. I can't think of a better place to spa than a country that promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle for all. Where in the world would you like to spa?