Body Contouring Hip and Thigh Wrap

To help clients smooth unsightly cellulite, The Sports Club/LA Splash Spa (Miami) offers the Body Contouring Hip and Thigh Wrap (50 to 90 minutes, $135 for members, $150 for guests). Using products from Thalgo, the wrap treatment aims to slim and sculpt slackening skin. Before the treatment, the therapist and client consult about the factors that may be contributing to water retention and the appearance of cellulite so that during the treatment, the therapist can better target its causes. The treatment begins with the therapist using a dry cactus-bristle brush to mildly exfoliate the entire body and stimulate lymphatic circulation. The therapist then applies Thalgo's Descomask Body Scrub, which contains a pumice agent and red algae, to give the body a more vigorous exfoliation. The body scrub is then removed and a slimming massage is performed using Aroma Slender Oil, made of fucus vesiculosis, an algae that catalyzes metabolism, cardamon, juniper berry, Moroccan cedar, and spearmint. The goal of the massage is to stimulate circulation and disperse fatty tissue to create a smoother, more svelte appearance. After the massage, Plasmalg Marine Gel is applied to help purify the skin. Next, bandages soaked in Frigi-Thalgo solution are wrapped around the legs, hips, abdomen, and arms and are left on for 20 minutes. To offset the chilly wrap, a warm stone massage is performed on the head, neck, and shoulders. After the bandages are removed, the skin feels cool, and the client should see an improvement in skintone and texture. To finish the treatment, the therapist applies Thalgomince Cream, a firming and slimming cream containing algae and caffeine. Feather-Light Legs, a decongesting and toning gel, is also applied to the legs. To see maximum results, clients are encouraged to partake in a series of treatments.

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