Castle Hill Inn Debuts Pop-Up Treatment Boutique

Brenda Brock, founder and formulator of Farmaesthetics Castle Hill Inn (Newport, Rhode Island) announced its most recent addition—a pop-up spa suite from Farmaesthetics, an organic beauty brand founded and based in Rhode Island. Farmaesthetics, whose flagship apothecary is located on Bellevue Avenue, provides the Inn with its in-room amenities. Both Castle Hill Inn and Farmaesthetics have collaborated to create a treatment boutique in the historic mansion with treatments ranging from $65 to $190, available through May 22. Two of Castle Hill Inn’s historic mansion’s suites have been transformed into treatment rooms featuring customized Farmaesthetics herbal treatments, which include facial treatments using fragrant, detoxifying and relaxing oils, lotions, masks, and serums; therapeutic massages utilizing aromatic hand-infused oils and lotions; and tip-to-toe acupressure treatments for the face, head, neck, hands, and feet; as well as pre- or post-treatment saltwater and oil tub soaks designed to purify, boost immune support, relieve stress, and warm the body and senses. All treatments are performed using the brand’s all-natural herbal products. “Farmaesthetics represents 100 percent natural sustainable beauty created from organically grown herbs and flowers from American family farms, many of which can be found here in Rhode Island’s seaside farmlands,” says Brenda Brock, founder and formulator of Farmaesthetics. “Our products are natural, as is our partnership with Castle Hill Inn. The pop-up Farmaesthetics Treatment Boutique offers beautifying, relaxing, and customized treatments for the Inn’s guests, as well as those who wish to visit Castle Hill for the Treatment Boutique. It is a natural extension of the Castle Hill experience.”  

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