Check Out This All-Natural Way to Remove Hair

AndreyPopov / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Recently,  American Spa magazine experienced sugaring at Hibba Beauty NYC. The founder of Hibba Beauty, Hibba Kapil treated us at her boutique in the Columbus Circle area of New York City. The home-made sugaring solution left our legs smooth and it took less than 30 minutes to do both legs fully. Some areas did need to be waxed twice, but we found it less painful than traditional waxing. The sweet solution of sugar and lime didn't leave us too sticky, and we removed it fully with a wet towel. The smooth results lasted about a month, and our hair has grown in with a more fine texture. This all-natural waxing option is ideal for pregnant clients, or those attracted to natural products.  Thinking about offering or boosting your waxing menu? Here are some tips from Kapil when it comes to offering sugaring at your spa.   

What is the prime client for sugaring?

"Anyone who's been waxing in the last one or two times is a good candidate for it. The hair has to be either virgin hair or waxed . If you've been regularly shaving then we might have to start with our signature azulene wax."

How can professionals convince clients to try sugaring? 

"It's usually easy, no chemicals, longer lasting results and less pain." 

If a spa is thinking about offering sugaring what is the one thing they should keep in mind?

"Making sure they have authentic sugar, either make it yourself or buy it from authentic source." 

What is an easy way to make sugaring mix in your own spa?

"Knowing the recipe, having a safe kitchen and disposable containers that are warmer safe."