Community Fitness

One of my favorite things about writing about the spa industry is the convergence of beauty and fitness, where the focus remains overall wellness inside and out. I’ve mentioned my love of exercise here and here, and I had a blast checking out the latest fitness craze in the hospitality industry, Strength in Numbers (SIN). Founded by fitness enthusiast Vanessa Martin, who coordinated and accompanied my colleague Jessica and I to a Fly Wheel class last week to give the program a whirl, SIN aims to eliminate the barriers that inhibit guests from exercising with its individualized services. As an added bonus, working out with a buddy in our case Martin, provides extra motivation to sweat it out on in the studio. She even gave mid-workout high-fives to keep energy up when my legs were screaming on an especially tough hill.

Naturally, luxe hotels are opting in for the service to better cater to travelers. The Benjamin (New York City) recently expanded its wellness services to include SIN Workouts for guests, who can select one of two levels, Sinner ($75) or Sinner Elite ($175), and receive impeccable fitness concierge service and a gut-busting workout, if my experience was any indication of the classes available, and a variety of add-on luxuries such as transportation and snacks during their stay. SIN is an excellent way for spas and resorts to help guests make fitness a priority and take advantage of unique local opportunities thanks to the concierge’s expertise.

How does your spa encourage guests to stay active when they visit?