Disappointing Nail Encounters That Don't Encourage Repeat Business

Although I've always been a fan of a good pedicure, I've never really embraced manicures. From the time I was very young, my grandmother impressed upon me the importance of never letting anyone cut my cuticles. According to her, they would grow back as hard as nails. As I got older, I opted for the occasional manicure but always insisted that my cuticles go untouched. Unfortunately, not every manicurist complied. Understandably, some probably felt as if they weren't doing a thorough job by leaving me with ragged cuticles. However, despite some awkward moments, I, for the most part, kept my cuticles intact. Sanitation was another issue I struggled with when it came to nailcare, as I've visited many salons and spas in which the utensils looked used. Needless to say, getting a manicure for me is not the stress-free indulgence that it is for many women. During one particularly disappointing session, I had my fingers soaked in acetone to remove the Shellac polish I was wearing. I knew there was a much better and healthier way, albeit a bit more time consuming. Earlier today, a colleague returned dissatisfied with a manicure she had gotten on her lunch hour. Apparently, the manicurist removed her polish with an electric nail file. When she expressed concern that it was damaging her nails, her fears fell on deaf ears. If that wasn't bad enough, she also left unhappy with the finished results, which included numerous imperfections. According to her, the manicurist was rushing to accommodate a large group of women that were waiting to have their nails done. Such scenarios definitely beg the question as to how you and your staff address client concerns. It's also worth a thought or two on how simple shortcuts may save you time but lose you valuable clients in the long run.