Radishes are fast-maturing root crops that have been grown and used by ancient Greeks and Romans for thousands of years. Today, there are many variants of radishes, and they are a rich source of ascorbic and folic acid, calcium, potassium, vitamins, riboflavin, and more. The radish root is mostly eaten as a salad vegetable, but radishes can also be consumed in other ways. For example, the leaves of a radish can be added to soups or prepared as a sauteed side dish. Radishes are also becoming a popular ingredient in skincare because of their bene ts to the skin. “Radish-infused skincare and wellness products are gaining traction thanks to their natural antioxidants and soothing properties, which appeal to consumers seeking cleaner, more sustainable options,” says Emily Stutzman, in-house esthetician at LaFlore Live Probiotic Skincare. “Their versatility allows for the formulation of diverse products tailored to various skin concerns, aligning with the growing demand for effective, environmentally conscious skincare solutions. The fact that they are rich in vitamin C and a prebiotic is also a plus.”

Natalie Pergar, lead skin care trainer at Eminence Organic Skin Care, explains how radishes can be beneficial to spas and their clients.

What benefits do radish-based products offer to the skin?

“Whether formulated with radish seed oil or root extract, skincare products containing this versatile vegetable offer many benefits. These ingredients soothe problem skin with their anti-inflammatory properties, derived from vitamins C and E. Additionally, the high antioxidant content of radishes helps protect against environmental stressors, promoting a radiant and youthful complexion. Radish seed oil is also a great option for treating dry skin. Its unique blend of unsaturated fatty acids works wonders by deeply hydrating parched skin, helping seal in moisture.”

What are the top uses of radish based products and treatments in a spa setting?

“For clients seeking treatments targeting breakouts or hydration, radish-based products can be a great option. At home, encourage clients to reach for this ingredient in peels, masks, and cleansing oils to reap its benefits.”

What are some ways to promote and market these products and treatments?

“Consider highlighting radish-infused spa treatments through social media platforms with engaging content, such as skincare tips, client testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of your spa’s radish-inspired offerings.”