Five New Developments in Natural Nailcare

Treat, Love & Color by Essie is one way to give nails some TLC.

Another reason the natural and eco-friendly nailcare category is booming is that many women have found that the removal process of traditional cured gel manicures can damage their nails and cause peeling and breakage. To help solve these issues, many companies have developed new products that provide a more natural alternative to gel polishes. “The hybrid category is growing,” says SpaRitual’s Shel Pink. “These are formulas that promise the long-lasting wear of gels, natural-light curation, quick dry time, easy removal, all without the damage some people are experiencing from prolonged gel manicure usage.” Check out some of the developments in natural alternatives to ultraviolet (UV) gels and other products: 

The use of LED lights instead of harmful UV lights to set gel polish and speed up the curing process. For example, CND’s Shellac Brisa LED Lamp ensures light exposure only to the nail area and provides longer wear and shine of Shellac and Brisa formulas.

Healthier nail products that still create the same shine and wear achieved with traditional gel manicures. The Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro base and topcoats, for example, deliver high shine, extended wear, and a cushiony plumped look to any nail polish without UV lamps, tools, or nail damage. 

Products that provide both treatment and color to leave nails healthier and stronger. In addition to providing nails with color, Essie Treat Love & Color nail colors help strengthen nails and provide long-term benefits to dry and brittle nails. 

Healthier non-chip and peel formulas. For example, Orly Breathable Treatment + Color is infused with argan oil, pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin C to prevent chipping and peeling without the need for a basecoat or topcoat. 

Longer-lasting nail polish as an alternative to gel formulas: SpaRitual Nourishing Vegan Color, for example, is a permeable formula that is infused with red tea and seaweed extract to help revitalize nails. Because it is permeable, oxygen and hydration are able to reach the nail and excess moisture is able to escape, which helps manicures last longer.


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