Four Summertime Fruits to Incorporate In to Your Spa Treatments

There’s nothing better on a hot summer day than a crisp, cold fruit salad. Whether peeling a juicy orange or sipping on a strawberry smoothie, it’s no secret that there are myriad ways to incorporate healthy fruits into our diets. But do your clients know about how fruit can actually help their skin? Though it’s true that beautiful skin starts from within, meaning that a healthy diet will lead to healthy skin, topical treatments that feature fruit as ingredients have proven to provide beneficial results as well. For example, avocados are great for topical application since they are rich in vitamin E, meaning it has plenty of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals which damage cells. Strawberries offer vitamin C and folic acid, which also help fight free radicals that destroy collagen and aid in cell regeneration.

Unsurprisingly, spas have taken to incorporating natural fruits and veggies into a plethora of treatment options. Take a look here at some ways to utilize fruits at your spa.

  • La Spa at Il Salviatino (Florence, Italy) utilizes local grapes in a number of treatments, which have been proven to revitalize the skin and combat dark spots and wrinkles using vitamin C antioxidants. The Tuscany Pleasure (170 minutes, $303) features grape seeds and grape seed extract followed by a wine wrap made with local Tuscan grapes. First, guests will enjoy a gentle exfoliation featuring grape seeds and a red grape extract, followed by wine wrap for the body. The treatment is concluded with a relaxing massage using a wine-based cream and grape seed oil.
  • Hyde Resort’s Emena Spa (Hollywood, FL) offers a Mango Enzyme Body Exfoliation (80 minutes, $275), during which clients are wrapped in active enzymes and vitamins to infuse the skin with hydration and to gently exfoliate to create a refreshed look. Mango is high in antioxidants and vitamin A which moisturize the skin while relieving the appearance of clogged pores. The treatment also utilizes pineapple, which is an exfoliant and an excellent source of vitamin C.
  • At Renaissance Tuscany Beauty Spa at Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa (Braga, Italy) guests can enjoy a Purifying and Balancing Therapy (110 minutes, $202), which uses sea salt from the Mediterranean and essential oils to gently scrub the skin and create a pleasant sensation of lightness for the body. Extracts of strawberry and raspberry create an immediate draining of toxins from the body, while pumpkin extract, silver minerals, and avocado oil are used to balance the skin of the face. 
  • K’Alma Spa at The Gates Hotel South Beach (Miami) is hosting an essential oil Take and Make series on Thursdays, during which guests get to create their own soaks, scrubs, and sprays featuring doTerra essential oils. The spa is also offering poolside mini citrus spa treatments featuring locally grown Florida oranges at the hotel’s Plunge Deck, which boast a number of benefits including skin brightening, tightening the pores, cleansing, and more. Just be sure to use SPF and be wary of any phototoxic ingredients, which are commonly found in citrus and shouldn’t be exposed to the sun.

We’ve come a long way since putting cucumbers on our eyes and lemon in our spa water. With benefits like these, it’s safe to say these sweet treats are making their way onto treatment menus to stay.



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