Get Natural with Las Ventanas' New UV Treatment

The Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort, at Los Cabos, Mexico just released a bi-annual line of five new and luxurious excursions for guests of the resort to enjoy this winter. One of these experiences is in the Spa at Las Ventanas. The new UV Recovery Spa Treatment ($120, 45 minutes) uses the spa’s own organic gardens to protect their client’s skin from the intense Baja sun. This unique formula incorporates 100 percent organic aloe vera which is rich in moisture and hydration to shield the skin from ultra violet rays. 

According to the The National Center for Complementary Integrative Health, this hydrating ingredient is historically known to treat hair loss, wounds, hemorrhoids, and was even used as a laxative. As most know now, aloe vera’s biggest use is primarily for treating sun burns during summer months, but who says it can’t be used year-round? The Spa at Las Ventanas is taking advantage of its many uses with this treatment. By using this powerful anti-oxidant loaded ingredient, the client’s skin will become firm and create anti-aging effects

“At Las Ventanas al Paraíso, we strive to surprise and delight our guests with experiences that not only showcase the level of luxury to which we are committed, but also engage them in the unique culture of the surrounding area,” says Frederic Vidal, managing director of Las Ventanas al Paraíso. “As a result, we are extremely excited to launch a new collection of experiences that continues to combine innovative initiatives, cultural authenticity, and unrivaled luxury to provide our guests with the best possible experiences.”


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