Growing Yoga Hybrids Attract Even Non-Yogis

Despite its popularity, yoga isn't for everyone, at least that is what I used to think until I learned of some of the new hybrid versions that are emerging at resorts, spas, and studios around the world. As much as I've wanted to love yoga throughout the years, we've never been a match. However, I must admit that I would be interested in trying Spoga at The BodyHoliday (Saint Lucia), which combines an invigorating 30-minute cycling session with 30 minutes of yoga. The spinning portion of the class is offered in the resort's new Tree House spin studio, and the yoga portion takes place on the Zen Deck. Needless to say, spinning has always been more my speed. Another appealing yoga hybrid is KaYoga, which combines kayaking and yoga. Available at Sea Island (GA), the class ($95 per person) is available every Wednesday at 9am. Participants paddle to a picturesque beach where they then enjoy 60 minutes of Vinyasa flow yoga. At Sun Island Resort (Shanghai, China), there is Laughter Yoga, which combines simple laughing exercises with gentle breathing yoga exercises to enhance healing and happiness. There are also numerous spas now offering paddleboard yoga, aerial yoga, and more. All sound rather appealing to me. With National Yoga Month coming up in September, what are some of the ways your spa is promoting this popular pastime?