Hand-Picked Health

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During the winter I find myself getting lazy in some of my beauty routines, especially manicures and pedicures. My toes are covered in more layers than I'd like to admit to stay warm, so it seems a waste to spend time polishing them, and my fingers end up staying the same shade until it chips. Even if I'm not delving into nail art in the winter, I do make sure to keep my nails healthy and hydrated. Here are nailcare tips from Gino Trunzo, director of education for Essie, to keep on hand as long as this winter sticks around.

  1. Care for skin and cuticles with Essie’s many many mani intensive hand lotion apricot cuticle oil several times a day. “This will prevent skin around the nails from cracking or splitting,” says Trunzo. “Also, a home treatment tip: After showering or bathing, coat your cuticles and nails with apricot cuticle oil and lock in the moisture by wearing cotton gloves for at least an hour, or better yet to bed!”
  2. “Protect the backside of your nails with essie’s super duper top coat and polish the backside of your nails,” says Trunzo. “It’s a simple way to make your nails super-duper strong!”
  3. Prevent breakage and splitting by keeping nails a shorter length during the winter. “Long nails break and snag easily on gloves, scarves, or sweaters.”
  4. Keep nails polished to seal in moisture.  “Use your favorite essie top coat to help keep nails glossy and moisturized,” recommends Trunzo.
  5. Trim and file regularly for healthier, stronger nails. “Trim your nails after bathing or showering, as nails will be soft from the warm water," says Trunzo. "This promotes healthy growth.”
  6. Finally, eating a balanced, nutritious diet impacts how nails look and feel. “Eat foods containing biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, Vitamin A, and zinc for optimal nail health,” says Trunzo.

Does your spa offer winter nailcare treatments to help clients combat the dry, cold weather?