Happy Healthy Hair in the Spa

We spend most of our time talking about skincare solutions largely because that’s where you focus your spa’s efforts as well. Recently, there has been a bigger push for healthy hair and natural solutions for clients to achieve their best look, which fits in with the relaxation-inducing spa experience better than ever. As such, healthy hair definitely should be a part of spa visits to keep clients glowing from head to toe. There’s little that perks me up quicker than glam blowout, like my appointment with the lovely Jenny Balding at Cutler Salon earlier this week. Hair experts on staff can educate clients on their concerns and how spa services can help them beautify. Here are answers from Balding, Redken Men’s Haircare & Styling Expert stylist, to some of the most common concerns she hears from the chair:

  • #1: Lack of Volume “Lack of volume could be caused by a variety of reasons but most common is using the wrong shampoo/ conditioner for your hair type, followed by using conditioner all over instead of just the mid-length to ends,” says Balding. “It’s an easy problem to fix and makes a huge difference.”
  • #2: Damage Control “An easy way to prevent damage is being gentle when detangling wet hair,” she says. “Use a large toothed comb or a brush designed to detangle wet hair as wet hair is very fragile and most damage can be created at this point.”
  • #3: Dulling Hair  “Product buildup can cause dull hair when a lot of product is used constantly overtime,” says Balding. “Suggest clients use a clarifying shampoo once a week to rid of buildup and this will bring back life into color and bounce back into hair.”
  • #4: Constant Split Ends “Even if clients love to keep hair really long, make sure they’re having it trimmed every 8-12 weeks as this will really help to keep it in healthy condition as dry, damaged ends split, and travel further up the hair shaft if you don't remove them.”
  • #5: I Just Want Healthy Hair “How can you make your hair more lustrous, thick and healthy?  It really makes such a difference if you eat a healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water and take a multivitamin each day.  Like your skin, your hair represents what you put into your body.”

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