Help Yourself to Health

Just in time for a batch of seasonal sicknesses to make their way through the office, I stumbled upon a list of surprising habits that improve overall health and immunity from Psychology Today. Complete with research to prove effectiveness, these tips were news to me and, even better, many were already a part of my daily lifestyle. Here's a few ways you can keep sickness at bay:

1. Love Your Neighbor. When people feel like they are part of their neighborhood, have friendly neighbors they can rely on, and trust most of their neighbors, their heart attack risk goes down significantly.

2. Be Honest. People who tell the truth, big and small, and mean what they say have fewer symptoms of sickness, like headache, sore throat, or nausea

3. Get Sunlight. Workplaces with more natural light and windows encourage better sleep quality, longer sleep duration, more activity, and a better quality of life for workers than those in offices without windows. Morning light especially had a positive influence on mood, alertness, and metabolism.

4. Go Green. Offices with green, living plants had workers with higher productivity and greater happiness. The greenery also made workers feel more engaged with tasks, better able to concentrate, and healthier.

5. Observe Water. Simply being near or in water can calm an over-stimulated mind and improve health. Even looking at a body of water can relieve stress, which is linked to less damage to all the bodily systems, decreased risk of premature mortality, better memory, and better self-control.

6. Worry in Moderation. Moderate worriers were likely to live longer, healthier lives because they can envision the worst and prepare for it. They are also less prone to taking foolish risks.

What do you think of these wellness boosters and how does your spa incorporate them already?