Hit the Trails

Growing up in Colorado, I was born with a love for the outdoors and the mountains. Before I could even walk my family brought me along on hikes in the Rocky Mountains. Not everyone is so lucky to have a wilderness practically in their backyards. Thankfully, resorts and spas in the desert, mountains, and on islands are incorporating more hiking and outdoor activities into complimentary offerings for guests to ensure everyone, eventually, gets to experience the joy of hiking. Here are a few notable places (starting with one close to my hometown) to hit the trails near top resort spas:

Keystone, CO: Whether it’s a casual sunset hike or a calorie-burning fitness hike, a mountaintop hike or valley hike, Keystone Lodge & Spa’s guided hikes each offer a unique resort experience fun for all ages. The spectacular views are combined with a plethora of information regarding local history, nature, and high alpine environments that are sure to leave guests with a complete appreciation of the mountain environment of Keystone Resort.

Sedona, AZ: L’Auberge de Sedona has recently partnered with The Hike House, creating the perfect opportunity for those looking to get outdoors and explore the famed hiking trails of Sedona. Guests will have access to all The Hike House has to offer—including tailored trail finders, guided adventures, hiking clinics, and all the hiking gear one could need.

Rancho Mirage, CA: Elegantly enveloped within the serene Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountain ranges, The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage offers more than 20 miles of right-out-your-door mountain and hiking trails for all fitness levels.  Complimentary guided hiking tours are provided every morning and night for all guests and include in-depth background and insight into the surrounding mountain vista views, waterfalls, natural streams, rocky gorges, and unusual rock formations.

Lana'i, HI: Four Seasons Resorts Lana'i is located in the midst of prime island hiking terrain and offers guided complimentary hikes to guests. One noteworthy walk is best in the early morning and summits at Sweetheart Rock, or Pu’u Pehe a recognizable landmark in the area, as the sun rises.

Tecate, MX: Hiking is a very big part of the Rancho La Puerta guest experience. Most guests do some sort of hike before breakfast each morning. Rancho La Puerta is located in the mountains and the guided hiking trails are a five-minute walk from the resort, offering more than 50 miles of hiking trails. One standout is the Coyote Hike, a 5.5-mile strenuous hike winding up the mountain between the Pilgrim and the Professor routes and then looping back along the flanks of Mt. Kuchumaa.

Washington, CT: Guests of Mayflower Grace have access to the 974-acre Steep Rock Preserve, which offers hiking trails that follow the river banks and provide access into the hillsides above. The Steep Rock summit, at an elevation of 776 feet, provides a breathtaking view overlooking the Clam Shell section of the Shepaug River Valley. A thirty-five minute hike, featuring some of the steepest trails in the Preserve, culminates in the clouds with the river, forest and farmland stretching below.

How does your spa encourage guests to get up and out?