Inspiration from Alice in Wonderland

Alice Through the Looking Glass butterfly

Alice Through the Looking Glass butterflyEarlier this week I was invited for a press preview of Alice Through the Looking Glass courtesy of OPI and Urban Decay. Familiar with the classic story of Wonderland, I went expecting to see a fun, whimsical movie and escape for a few hours in the middle of a busy work week. What I got was so much more—and no, I did not tumble down the rabbit hole or step through the looking glass myself.  Without giving away any spoilers, this particular Alice adventure offered some inspiring outlooks that work in the real world just as well as they do on-screen and in Wonderland. What stood out to me was Alice’s unique definition of ‘impossible’. Fueled by her refusal to accept any situation as truly impossible, she takes on challenges, whether they’re in her world or in Wonderland, with courage and enthusiasm. I think we can all take notes from her impressive example of perseverance and optimism.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Urban Decay Eyeshadow PaletteThe event also included a preview of the bold eyeshadow palette, lipsticks, and nail polish collection from Urban Decay and OPI inspired by the main characters in the film. The fanciful names—Metamorphosis, Bandersnatch, Chronosphere, Heads Will Roll, and What’s the Hatter with You?—just to name a few, are just as exciting as the limited-edition colors themselves. An accurate representation of the mad beauty looks, the vivid eyeshadow hues and lipsticks may require a bit of extra courage to wear but after watching the movie I’m ready to rock them any day.

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