Lucky Four Leaf Clover Nail Art

St. Patrick's Day nailsOur American Spa office is located in the heart of a very celebratory neighborhood of Manhattan, so we always are aware when a roudy holiday comes around. Today, there are plenty of festive folks dressed in green testing out their own Luck of the Irish in the local pubs. For a healthier alternative to a pint, Jin Soon Choi, founder of namesake lacquer line and Jin Soon Hand & Foot Spas (New York City), has created a nail art look sure to make clients green with envy. Here are Choi's steps for St. Patrick's Day Nail Art worth a pot of gold:

  1. St. Patrick's Day nailsApply JINsoon Power Coat
  2. Apply two coats of JINsoon Doux
  3. Using a striping brush draw the outline of leaves on the edge of the nail with JINsoon Tila, varying the position on each nail. 
  4. Fill in the shapes created in step three with JINsoon Tila.
  5. Apply Top Gloss to finish the look. 

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