Manuka Honey Facial

Too much honey may not be good in a diet, but Plantogen wants spa owners to know that it is very good for the skin. Used to deep cleanse, increase hydration, help repair damage, and firm skin, the Manuka Honey Facial ($90 to $150 suggested, 60 minutes) improves skin texture and vitality. Using skin-appropriate Plantogen products, the therapist begins by cleansing the face, neck, and chest (a) using Foaming Cleanser with Vitamin C Complex. Next, Gentle Facial Scrub, an apricot seed–based exfoliator, is applied to remove dead skin. The therapist then spreads a layer of Healing Manuka Honey onto the skin (b), and allows it to set for 15 minutes. With the dry mask still in place, a layer of Rotorua Geothermal Clay Mask is applied (c and d) and allowed to dry for two to three minutes (e). While the mask is setting, the therapist gives the guest a hand massage using Hand and Nail Therapy with Hydrolysed Keratin and Retinol. The mask is then ready to be removed (f), and Toner for Oily/Combination Skin or for Combination/Dry Skin is applied as needed. The therapist then smooths Intensive Firming Serum Plantogen over the face and neck and Corrective Eye Gel under the eyes. To complete the treatment, Light Moisture hydrating cream is spread over the client's face to ensure lasting moisture without any residue. For Plantogen products: (800) 851-6533;