The Oaks at Ojai Introduces Water Week

While I've never been a water baby, I am a fan of the results a great water workout can have on the body. And I must admit, watching the Olympic swim competition has certainly inspired me to consider diving back into the pool. That's part of the reason Water Week, slated for October 6 through 14, at The Oaks at Ojai (CA) sounds so appealing. Although the spa offers two to three water workout classes daily, additional classes will be available during the themed week. Spa-goers may enjoy Aqua Yoga; Aqua Ai Chi, a variation of Tai Chi, which has been adapted to the water; Aqua Night Stretch; and Aqua Boot Camp. "Water workouts are great because the weightless environment makes the moves accessible to all levels," says fitness director Nancy Byrd Radding. "The de-conditioned can modify more easily than on land while the conditioned can beef it up and get a killer workout. The water is also gentle on joints making it an incredible environment for rehabbing injured areas." It's the killer workout that has me sold.