The Perfect Spa Treatment for National Rum Day

national rum day

10Did you know today is National Rum Day? Well, now you do and no need to belly up to the bar to celebrate. Today is the perfect day to encourage clients to enjoy a rum-spiked spa treatment for a healthier way to cheers to National Rum Day. I just wrapped up one of the most interesting and fun stories I’ve written for American Spa—all about spa treatments boosted with booze. Now, try and tell me what’s better than that. (I’ll wait.) That’s right, there’s nothing better. (Read all about rum, tequila, vodka, beer, sake, and more in spa treatments in September’s issue.) There was no way I could personally try all the wonderful boozy treatments, but I did sample the Rum Swizzle Scrub ($190, 60 minutes) when I visited the brand new Exhale at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess & Beach Club (Bermuda). I flew to the beautiful island of Bermuda for the Grand Opening celebration weekend and enjoyed every moment, especially the signature spa treatment. The scrub incorporates all of the ingredients from a rum swizzle, which is one of Bermuda’s signature cocktails. Drinking a rum swizzle won’t guarantee glowing skin, but thankfully its tasty ingredients offer exfoliating, relaxing skin benefits. The combination of golden brown sugar, premium aged rum, and citrus leave skin revitalized and refreshed. After exfoliating, the therapist applies a whipped shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E moisturizer to hydrate skin. It soaks in during a relaxing massage. Usually the worst part of a spa treatment is that it must come to an end. This time, once I hopped off the table and slipped my robe back on there was a delicious rum swizzle and a sunny spot by the spa pool waiting for me. This delectable treatment just kept going as long as I didn’t sip my drink too quickly. The next time someone asks 'why is all the rum gone?' the answer may be a spa treatment. Happy National Rum Day!

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