Sanitize for Sanity

Personally, I'm not a clean freak. I think a little dirt won't hurt and believe in the five-second rule, in spite of evidence to the contrary. Even so, I like my spas sparkling and free of all the hidden hazards that pop up when cleanliness isn't top priority. Those invisible germs are all around as I learned from research from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City’s 466 open subway stations. Researchers led by Christopher Mason scoured the entire subway system and found a range of germs from helpful to hazardous on handrails, benches, and all the places commuters come into contact with on a regular basis. This urban microbiology may be a growing area of intrigue and research in the lab, though most of what they discovered along the transportation system is less than desirable in the spa. Check out these stories for a variety of ways to sanitize your spa facility to keep clients safe no matter what invisible bacteria and germs they bring along when they visit.

What sanitation guidelines does your spa follow to keep everything clean and calm?