Secrets from the Treatment Room: Massage Mix-Up

Photo Credit: Liderna/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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“I rarely book massages, but the spa director at a beautiful five-star resort spa insisted I’d love it. So, I agreed. In the treatment room, I was greeted by a female therapist who then left so I could disrobe. Once I was situated face down on the table, there was a knock on the door. A male voice asked if he could come in, and I said yes. The spa director had told me it would be a basic massage, as I didn’t have much time. However, the male therapist pulled out all the stops, and the treatment went on for 90 minutes. It was incredible. In the middle of it when I rolled over, the therapist exclaimed in surprise, ‘Oh, you look so young.’ It turns out, Meryl Streep was in the spa at the same time, and I ended up receiving her treatment. Afterward, I heard the spa director ask, ‘Which room is Meryl in?’”—Celeste Hilling, CEO, cofounder, and product formulator, Skin Authority

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