Secrets From the Treatment Room: Restless Reflection

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Spa directors and industry experts share some of their most memorable spa experiences. Here's what happens when a poor placed design element makes a client uncomfortable. 

"After visiting countless spas for work, I've finely turned my senses to really soak in everything. When most spa-goers are settling in to relax, I'm on high alert for sights, sounds, feelings, smells, and more. That's why the layout of one treatment room piqued my curiosity. I walked in and noticed the lovely rustic mirrors that matched the design elements throughout the spa and the property. Unfortunately, those mirrors were placed on both sides of the treatment bed. It would be fine for a facial, but I had booked a massage and would definitely be turning over. Sure enough, as soon as it was time to flip over, my therapist did her best to protect my modesty, and I soon relaxed again after I resettled under the blanket. But those mirrors certainly provided an up-close-and-personal viewing angle that neither I nor my therapist much appreciated.—Jennifer Nied


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