Silhouet-Tone's New 02 Oxygen Chair Will Give You the Best Nap of Your Life

We all know clients visit spas to relax and rejuvenate, so it's important that as spa professionals we do all we can to go the extra mile and help our clients to ground and recenter themselves. It could be performing a massage while a mask is setting during a facial, or providing great samples for clients to take home post-treatment. Thanks to Silhouet-Tone's new O2 Oxygen Chair, your clients reach next-level relaxation on their next trip to your spa.

The O2 Oxygen Chair is great for napping, meditating, relaxing, and more. It can be offered as an add-on to boost revenue, as an amenity in a waiting area, or sold as its own treatment. It's one of the only spa technologies providing effective power napping due to a unique combination of zero gravity, nap breathing exercises, synchronized swinging movements, an oxygen concentrator, optional heating, soothing sounds, and more.

Guests of American Spa's SPATEC Spring event last May got to try the chair first hand, and learn more about how it works from Laurie Krebs, national accounts manager at Silhouet-Tone. Here, watch as American Spa's associate editor, Samantha Reed, tries the chair for herself while Krebs shares more about Silhouet-Tone and its latest innovations.


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