SkinFit Mask

When it comes to worrying about aging gracefully, the fairer sex is not alone. For men who would like healthy, youthful skin, Pevonia offers the SkinFit Mask ($120, 60 minutes). The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing using Aqua-Gel Foaming Cleanser. The esthetician then blends Enzymes Powder Mask with warm water and applies the creamy mixture to the face and neck. As the mask sets, the eyes are covered with pads moistened with Anti-Stress Eye Lotion, and steam is applied for five to 10 minutes. The esthetician follows with gentle extractions as well as an application of high frequency to the areas being treated. Freeze-dried Escutox, a special blend of botanicals derived from plants indigenous to South Asia and Africa, is then mixed with cool water to form a smooth gel. The mixture is applied to the skin and massaged in. Next, the SkinFit Caviar Mask #2 is applied to the face and neck and left on for ten minutes. The esthetician then prepares SkinFit Caviar Powder Mask #3 with cool water to form a cream and applies it to the skin. After the mask is lifted off in one piece and the skin is wiped with pads moistened with cool water, Caviar Balm is applied to conclude the treatment.

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