The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston Launches Multisensory Experience

A new year is the ideal time for a mind-body tune up. To make that daunting task a bit easier for spa-goers, many luxury spas are adding treatments designed to do just that and in style. This month, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston is introducing a form of sound therapy inspired by the ancient healing art of Himalayan singing bowls to restore overall health and wellbeing. Using vibrations and audible sounds, the new Himalayan Singing Bowl Therapy (starting at $138, 50 minutes; $200, 80 minutes) will restore balance and reinstate the natural energy flow within the body. Beginning with the placement of singing bowls on and around the body, soft vibrations and sounds resonate from the bowl. Massaging and detoxifying on a cellular level, these echoes release blockages within the mind and body. The sensory experience induces a state of absolute serenity, generates a deep sense of mindfulness, and reduces stress through deep relaxation and endorphin release. “Guests are no longer looking for a traditional treatment, they are interested in a holistic experience that incorporates the mind, body, and spirit,” says director of spa Virginia Lara. “By actively engaging the senses and bringing mindfulness and awareness into our practices and surroundings, people will be better able to fully immerse themselves in the moment, deepening the experience while encouraging personal transformation.” For those who wish to engage themselves more fully, spa-goers can access a full range of mindfulness activities such as journaling, note card writing, coloring, meditation, or simply relaxing and enjoying the silence in the spa’s relaxation lounges.