Spa Week Connects New Clients and New Services

The change of seasons means many things in the spa industry. Pumpkins, spices, and other autumn-inspired ingredients are infused in treatments all over, and it also means Spa Week is back again. With the discounted $50 services, it can be a great way for your spa to bring in new clients and introduce more unique offerings to current clients. Someone who usually comes in for a standard facial may be open to trying something more adventurous when the price is so reasonable. I got a sneak preview of Spa Week and opted for a facial I’d never tried before. I signed up for the Signature Facial with Cupping Therapy ($180, 60 minutes) ($50 spa week, 60 minutes) at Smooth Synergy conveniently located near my New York City office. It promised brighter, healthier skin in a snap. What appealed to me most was the cupping therapy, which has been popping up thanks to Olympians adopting and promoting the practice this summer. After settling in, my skin therapist quickly got to work with thorough extractions after a botanical steam. She used the signature Smooth Synergy line of products for cleansing and exfoliating. She then moved a cup around my face to visibly reduce fine lines, increase collagen production, and improve facial contours and elasticity. When I left, my face and my mood were uplifted. Now, I’m excited to try more unique offerings and stretch my comfort zone when it comes to spa therapies.

Spa Week is here through Oct. 23, so get your spa ready to welcome new clients seeking new experiences and keep them coming back for more!


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