Step-By-Step: CND 5-Point Cleansing Method

Photo credit: CND

Cleaning with soap and water is the first step to ensure clients’ safety by removing surface pathogens. Both nail professionals and clients should wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 to 30 seconds before and after every service. Follow the CND™ 5-Point Cleansing Method and use CND™ CoolBlue™ 60 percent alcohol-based hand cleanser throughout the day to help ensure the health and safety of clients and nail professionals.

Here, discover how to treat your clients to CND's 5-Point Cleansing Method.

What You'll Need:

CND™ CoolBlue™ is a refreshing, waterless hand cleanser that leaves skin soft, smooth, and not sticky. It features ethyl alcohol, a solvent used to dissolve or blend together ingredients; it is also used as an antiseptic and astringent (as alcohol evaporates, it slightly cools the skin). It also contains isopropyl alcohol, a solvent used to blend all ingredients, and serve as a skin antiseptic.

Step-by-Step Protocol:

1. Palms: Begin to rub the palms together to create foaming bubbles in the palms.

2. Interlaced Straight Fingers: Rub the right hand over the top of the left hand with interlaced fingers. Repeat with the left hand over the top of the right hand.

3. Back of Fingers: Place the back of the fingers in opposing palms with fingers interlaced and clean rotationally. Repeat on the other hand.

4. Thumbs: Rub the right thumb rotationally clasped in the left palm and repeat on the other thumb.

5. Fingertips: Rotate fingertips in the palm backwards and forwards to clean the fingertips on each hand.

6. Rinse hands thoroughly under warm running water. Dry hands with a single-use disposable towel and throw it away.

7. Wash hands before and after each service and cleanse hands throughout the day with CND™ CoolBlue™, a 60 percent alcohol-based hand cleanser.

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