Step-By-Step: FarmHouse Fresh Illumination Fruit Facial Lift

Photo credit: FarmHouse Fresh

It’s the juiciest of springs at Spavia Day Spas across the country where guests spring forth and glow. The spas are rejuvenating and illuminating skin with a premier lifting facial that utilizes FarmHouse Fresh’s most popular acid fruit peel mask, Illumination Fruit.

Here, discover how to treat your clients to FarmHouse Fresh's Illumination Fruit Facial Lift.

What You'll Need:

Professional Strength Fruit Acid Peel Mask This 15 percent blend of acids (lactic, malic, and citric), includes naturally occurring fruit acids that amp up brightening for divine illumination.

Step-by-Step Protocol:

TIME: 60 minutes

BONUS: A lip-plumping treatment add-on is included featuring the FarmHouse Fresh Blackberry Wine Lip Polish, infused with Texas merlot, and Blackberry Crush Lip Balm, leaving lips plump and hydrated.


Green Tea Milk Wash: cleanses and calms

Illumination Fruit Acid Peel Mask: resurfaces and smooths

Guac Star Avocado Mask: hydrates and cools

Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic: hydrates and tones while hiding pores

Eternal Light Illuminating Serum: brightens and calms

Moon Dip Ageless Mousse: firms and tones

Crow Catcher Eye Transforming Serum: smooths and plumps

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