Step-By-Step: Theragun 15-Minute Contactless Protocol

In our current environment, we understand the importance of health and wellness, so we’ve created a contactless treatment using the Theragun Elite. With health and safety in mind, we want you to have the tools to provide a unique experience for your clients while also keeping a safe distance.

What You'll Need:

Theragun Elite: Theragun Elite is a powerful, ultra-quiet smart percussive therapy device with advanced sound insulation. Elite works deep to melt away tension.

Dampener: The Dampener attachment is specifically designed for general use and low-impact treatment around tender or bony areas. Its wide base maximizes surface area for greater, more efficient contact with the body.

Step-by-Step Protocol:




SPEED: 1-3

TIME: 15 minutes

1. Warm the body up and use slow sweeping movements across the client’s entire back of the body.

2. Make approximately five passes over the bottom of each foot.

3. At the ankles, work laterally in the direction of the muscle fibers toward the glutes. Make approximately five passes over this entire area.

4. At the lateral side of the glutes, move across the top of this area toward the sacrum and back out to the lateral side. Continue in this pattern, covering the entire glute area with around six passes.

5. At the lower back, near the spine, make long sweeping strokes in the direction of the muscle fibers to the base of the neck for approximately six to eight passes.

6. Last, sweep down the back of the arms to the hands and back to the shoulders for approximately four passes.

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