Strong is the New Skinny

I learn about skincare product launches daily, if not hourly, and one I recently came across stood out. Mio High Intensity Bodycare, a new line from the makers of Mama Mio, focuses on caring for as well as improving the fitness of the skin. I hope this is a trend that sticks. I tried it out when I was upping my workouts to be beach-ready for a family wedding last month and did notice a difference. The exfoliator, Double Buff, lived up to its name and truly transformed my skin all over to baby soft and glowing.

This smart pairing of skincare with workouts—yoga classes and Zumba were used to promote the line—shows how skincare not only boosts beauty but can help improve results from sweat sessions too. I’m sure you and clients would agree that anything to boost time spent in the gym is a good idea and worth sharing. Ideal for retail in any spas with a prominent fitness component, this is a line health-focused clients will be happy to scoop up.

What do you think of products that promote “fit” skin, are they a fit for your spa?