Suite Spa Transforms In-Room Spa Treatments

Suite Spa cart

Several years ago, I visited a Caribbean-based resort that was still developing its spa concept. Although it had been open for years, it had always relied on in-room treatments to make up for the fact that it didn’t have a spa. I experienced one of those in-room treatments while I was there and promptly realized that I wasn’t altogether comfortable with the concept. Although the treatment was quite enjoyable, I didn’t enjoy hanging around while my therapist set up the room and then later cleaned up. I’m one of those people who feels guilty watching others work while I sit idly by making small talk. Of course, it would have been even more uncomfortable had I offered to help. Needless to say, I made a note to myself to forego any future in-room spa treatments. More recently though, I’ve come around to the idea, thanks to the Suite Spa cart. It cuts out the awkward prep time by putting everything therapists and estheticians need right at their fingertips. I first heard about the mobile spa cart while working on a piece about in-room treatments. More recently, I came across it at the ISPA media event in New York City and at an event for the recently introduced Hyatt 48 Lex (New York City), which offers a host of services from Suite Spa. I’m happy to say it has changed the way I view in-room treatments. What has been your experience with in-room services?