Touching Sounds

During a good massage, most clients are aware of only two things: the touch of the therapist and the music playing in the treatment room. That being said, your choice of music can have a significant influence on your client's overall treatment experience. Consider these five CDs—each created specifically to enhance the effects of massage.


The Science of Relaxation

Massage Therapy Collection (Hemi-Sync by Monroe Products) is more than just a set of discs. The four CDs were created with patented metamusic technology that incorporates evocative sounds and blended Hemi-Sync frequencies to guide your clients into focused, whole-brain states of consciousness. Under this technology's spell, the client will achieve and sustain synchronized brain-wave activity in both hemispheres of the brain—an optimal condition for improving human performance and maximizing relaxation. The collection's four CDs—Dreamseed, Inner Journey, Gaia, and Himalayan Soul—each feature different artists and styles.



  • Dreamseed Dreamseed showcases the low, vibrational sounds of the didgeridoo accompanied by drums, flutes, and nature sounds. Used for thousands of years by Australian Aboriginals as a shamanic tool, the didgeridoo's healing sounds resonate with the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Inner Journey The ethereal sounds of Inner Journey both relieve stress and guide clients into a light meditative state, creating an atmosphere perfect for complete relaxation and personal exploration. Expanding awareness through musical imagery, the CD is perfect for those craving a more intense, personal experience during their massage.
  • Gaia This CD was created as a musical portrayal of kokopelli, the Native American mythic hero who restored abundance by bringing forth the second summer rains. Blending guitar, flute, and the soothing sounds of water, Gaia stimulates creativity and imagination while helping your clients achieve a state of heightened awareness and profound meditation.
  • Himalayan Soul Featuring the flute music of Llona Selke, the mystical and haunting Himalayan Soul provides a refuge from the frantic speed of modern life. Selke's unusual blend of instruments, including crystal bowls, didgeridoo, and wooden and silver flutes, will help clients relax and reflect while enjoying their treatments.



The Power of Healing

For a more traditional massage accompaniment, Essential Touch (New Earth Records) combines the works of five artists—Anugama, James Asher, Deuter, Al Gromer Khan, and Terry Oldfield—to create a CD that facilitates wholeness and health. This delicate yet soulful compilation amplifies the effects of touch therapy while creating a positive oasis where clients can unwind.



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  • New Earth Records (800) 570-4074