Treatment Trends: to relax

Lavender Latte body wrap

In a relaxing environment, the Lavender Latte Body Wrap from Channing's Day Spa (Chicago) soothes the senses. The mood is first set by lightly spraying the room and sheets with a lavender mixture. Lavender candles are also lit and soft music played to enhance the $95, 60-minute treatment. Blending 12 ounces of heavy cream and 8 to 12 drops of pure essential lavender oil, the therapist warms the mixture in a microwave for approximately 45 to 60 seconds. With the client lying under a towel face down on the table, the therapist drizzles warm heavy cream over the back and then the legs, massaging it into the skin. The client then turns over, and the cream is drizzled over the front of the legs, stomach, arms, and shoulder area. The client is then wrapped in a sheet to keep the body warm for about 45 minutes. During this time, reflexology is performed on the feet for 15 minutes and then followed by a massage to the temples with lavender oil. After the client is unwrapped, the lavender cream is removed using warm lavender-oil-infused towels. -H.M.

Vital Relaxation hair & scalp treatment

Set in the spa's hydrotherapy room, the Vital Relaxation Hair & Scalp Treatment at Absolute Spa at the Century (Vancouver, Canada) provides total relaxation. The $28, 30-minute treatment begins with the client lying face up on a water treatment table. A Vichy shower is placed overhead to spray the body throughout most of the treatment. The hair is first washed with Moor Shampoo and then rinsed. A therapist then applies Moor Hair and Scalp Mask, which is left on for approximately three to five minutes. Relaxing Fluidessence, a relaxing oil from Paul Scerri, is massaged into the scalp and temples for about five minutes. Leaving the oil on the scalp to condition, the therapist then moves to the body, applying the Chocolate Whip Cream body lotion or Very Berry Sundae body lotion from the Absolute Binge line.-H.M.

The Rudraksa room

"This is the cheapest way to go on a vacation,"says Pratima Raichur, owner of New York City's Pratima Ayurvedic Skin Care. Raichur is referring to a session in her brand-new Rudraksa Room ($72, 45 minutes and $90, 60 minutes). This unique room, the only one of its kind in the country, according to Raichur, contains a bed heavily draped with strand upon strand of Rudraksa beads. The beads, worn by yogis of India and the Himalayas for centuries to maintain health and gain self-empowerment, are valued for their electromagnetic properties among other things. The bead is actually the dried fruit of the Elaeocarpus Ganitrus plant, commonly found growing on the islands of Indonesia. Raichur, who strung them by hand on copper wire, says, "What fascinates me is that nobody is touching you, but [the treatment] takes you to a whole different place of mind. The beads' strength and power is amazing." The client simply lies, fully clothed, on a bed in the candlelit room. Raichur strategically places additional strands of beads on the client's body, depending upon the clients' special needs. After a few moments of gentle chanting by Raichur, the client is left alone for the remainder of the time. The room, says Raichur, is meant to release all of the emotions.-Mary Bemis
A true relaxation room-the Rudraksa Room at Pratima Ayurvedic Skin Care in New York City.
A true relaxation room-the Rudraksa Room at Pratima Ayurvedic Skin Care in New York City.