What is Your Most Creative Holiday Promotion?

“The spa’s most creative promotion would be our Chocolate and Peppermint Body Treatment paired with our Chocolate and Peppermint Facial or Pedicure. Guests can delight in the aromatic fragrance of relaxing peppermint all while enjoying the hydrating and moisturizing benefits of chocolate. They can also choose from a chocolate and peppermint martini or peppermint hot chocolate.”—Jennifer Kwiatkowski-Herzog, spa director, The Forest Spa at The Lodge at Glendorn (Bradford, PA)


“Kids need to ‘sparkle’ during the holiday season, too. Kids’ parties are the new wave of fun and a great introduction to the world of spa. During the holiday season, our guests become our family from before Christmas through the first of the year. They are multigenerational families, and if the grandkids are happy, then everyone’s happy. Sparkle is a poolside event for ages four through 12 where we paint nails with fun glitter lacquer, give away light-up goodies for their New Year’s parties, and do mini makeup applications. It’s always a big hit, and the grandparents are so happy, we see an increase in product sales of about 10 percent for the mini spa divas. We offered this event a few years ago when I first joined Regent Palms.”—Stephanie Rest, spa director, The Spa at Regent Palms (Turks & Caicos)


“Winter nights have the most mysterious and alluring scent I have ever encountered. The conditions come together like the perfect storm on a cold winter evening. The crisp high-altitude air coupled with the musky scent of piñon fires burning in the hearth and the spice of the winter foliage create what I envision to be one of nature’s perfect elixirs. Each winter, as I step outside in the evening, my nose immediately sniffs the air trying to locate the scent I find captivating and blissful. After 30 years of chasing this elusive scent I was determined to try and recreate it. The quest for the scent took several months and many tiny bottles brewing all over my office. I was finally able to create the one I feel most represents that perfect Santa Fe winter evening—light, crisp, spicy, and earthy. Winter Oil is available for a limited time around the holidays, and it sells out each season.”—Suzanne Chavez, spa director, The Spa at Loretto at the Inn and Spa at Loretto, by Destination Hotels & Resorts (Santa Fe, NM)


“Over the last few years, guests have expressed a need to create a more authentic life for themselves through self-love, recognizing their talents and true beauty. This holiday, we’re offering guests the gift of seeing themselves as they truly are. Embrace Your Authentic Beauty, a Mii Amo retreat taking place Dec. 7 through 14, features a sketch artist from the famous Dove commercial who sketches a woman without seeing her. The first sketch is how the woman views herself; the second is how others view her, revealing that only 4 percent of women around the world feel good about themselves. As we bring closure to 2014 and enter 2015, we present our guests with the chance to reveal their genuine beauty and make room for new opportunities.”—Serene Sanders, corporate spa & programming director, Enchantment Group (Sedona, AZ)


“My favorite holiday treatment is our Spiked Pecan Pie Pedicure. It uses a decadent crème brûlée soak with a bourbon-infused pecan-scented scrub and includes a caramel milk foot massage. This service leaves clients feeling relaxed and indulged with the scrumptious lingering scent of fresh baked pecan pies. Our guests love this true Southern holiday classic, and we cross promote with our restaurant, which features pecan pie on its dessert menu. Those who are too full for dessert can indulge in our zero-calorie Spiked Pecan Pie Pedicure.”—Sally Hickerson, spa director, Sand & Sea Salon and Spa at Wild Dunes Resort, by Destination Hotels & Resorts (Isle of Palms, SC)


“Guests always respond positively to our thematic seasonal menus. During the winter, we launch our Glam for the Holidays specials. Included in the seasonal menu is the Candy Cane Champagne Dream Manicure & Pedicure, which indulges guests’ nails and skin for the ultimate holiday treat. As part of the treatment, guests can also unwind with a glass of Champagne to relax pre- or post-holiday season.”—Kristina Kovacic, spa director, Spa Las Palmas at Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa (Rancho Mirage, CA)