Why Gua Sha is Making a Comeback

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Want to know why gua sha is back in the spotlight? Our experts share what is driving the trend.

  • “Everything old is new again, and as we look for ancient remedies for modern health and beauty, gua sha has good clinical scientific evidence that facial rollers cannot touch. It is becoming popular now because of the dramatic effects it has on lifting and sculpting the face. I have had patients whose faces have been transformed by gua sha in just one session. It can improve blood circulation, help TMJ, reduce puffiness and drain the lymph, reduce fine lines, and create a healthy glow. Right now, with the opioid epidemic at an all-time high, we are looking to ancient remedies that help decrease pain without addictive substances.”Elizabeth Trattner, AP, DOM, doctor of Chinese and Integrative Medicine 
  • “Sometimes the collective consciousness takes over and a trend is born—or reborn. We actually have always researched and relied on the benefits of stone therapy at Kerstin Florian, so we were customizing our own approach to gua sha treatments several years ago and are very proud of the results.”—Trina Jefferson, global director of spa development, Kerstin Florian International
  • “The basic principle and technique are simple to understand and learn. It requires inexpensive tools, and it is proven effective not only from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective but also in Western medical research. The efficacy is not only visible to the customers’ eyes but also tangible to touch and feel right after and while recovering from the treatment.”—Ada Ooi, founder and CEO, 011 Skincare London


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