Discover the Hottest Lash and Brow Trends


“The biggest trend for lashes is natural but impactful lashes. People are not opting for long lash extensions for thick false lashes, but rather lashes that look like theirs but better. For brows, low maintenance and big impact is what’s trending in 2024. Overly sculpted brows are out, and natural, fluffy brows with minimal shaping is what’s in. The reason why these trends are so popular is because the beauty industry is embracing natural beauty after many years of dramatic and creative looks stemming during and post-pandemic.”—Nydia Figueroa, beauty expert and celebrity makeup artist


“We’re witnessing the rise of wispy, effortless styles that feel as lived-in as they do luxurious. It’s all about tailoring each lash set to the unique contours of individual eyes and lifestyles. This customization ensures that every utter enhances natural beauty. This also includes lash color customization, such as different shades of browns. For a long time, all we saw or had access to as lash artists were black lash extensions. These trends have gained significant traction, reflecting both the evolution of the professional lash industry and shifting beauty preferences. First, our industry, although relatively young, has matured over the past two decades. As lash artists mastered the fundamentals, they’ve been able to push boundaries and embrace creativity and diversity. This new found freedom allows us to listen intently to our clients, shaping trends that are driven by their desires. Secondly, the upheavals of the past few years, particularly the global pandemic, have prompted a collective shift toward low-maintenance beauty. People crave customization and authenticity, opting for looks that complement their natural features without demanding constant upkeep.”—Kimber Jaynes, founder, Borboleta Beauty


“One of the most exciting trends we are experiencing is lash artists themselves embracing a whole new world of promade fans—lashes that have been created on a strip and are picked up and applied like classic lashes, but actually have texture, dimension, and extra volume built right in—think Fairy, Clover, and YY lashes. Promade fans are increasing in popularity due to how much more efficient and enjoyable they make lashing. Even the most experienced lash artists are loving how fast, effortless, and easy they are to work with, and how they strike just the right balance for an understated naturally glam effect.”—Michelle Nguyen, CEO, PLA Beauty


“Lash and brow lamination continues to dominate both the lash and brow industry, including baby brow lamination, which is the process of only laminating the front of the brow, and the rest of the brow is a sleeker lifted sculpt. The return of the early-2000s fashion has inspired the baby brow lamination. In line with the ‘clean girl’ quiet luxury trend, clients want services that are effort less and low maintenance. Best of all, brow and lash technicians can perform both ser vices at the same time in a 75- to 90-minute service.”—René de la Garza, celebrity brow artist and founder, Brow Down Studio Pro