Makeup Trends That Will be Hot This Summer

Light and Fresh: “When it comes to makeup trends, we expect to see fresh, radiant, and naturally glowing skin at the forefront for summer,” says Nicole Musco, director of product development at Jane Iredale. “Products will be light weight in texture, yet offer sheer-to-light coverage, which will allow the natural texture of the skin to show.”

Glossy Lips: “Lips will be glossy, as we see products with all different levels of shine, from satin sheens to highly reflective finishes being used on lips—all, of course, with incredibly moisturizing and hydrating ingredients,” says Musco.

Pops of Color: “This summer, highlighting and luminous skin will be front and center,” says Melodie Reynolds, founder of Elate Beauty. “Skincare serums, oils, and light-coverage tinted moisturizers, focusing on creating dewiness, and embracing the skin’s natural texture will be in the spotlight. Add pops of color with a minimal makeup look to add a little boldness to the season.”

Bold Lips: “As a vivid contrast to subdued makeup, bold lips are making a statement,” says Brandy Rae Perez, social media and public relations manager at Osmosis. “This trend is about vibrant colors like deep reds, bright pinks, and even daring shades like blues and purples. The finish varies from matte to metallic, but the key is high pigmentation that draws attention. It’s an easy way to make a dramatic impact with minimal effort.”

Blush Crush: “The ‘doll blush’ look will continue to gain traction, with blush to the apple of the cheeks to create a youthful effect,” says Janeena Rumsey, global education ambassador and artistry lead at Glo Skin Beauty. “No harsh contrast or circles though, so make sure to blend it care fully. After all, blush is about adding a little life back into your skin to accentuate your best bits. Overall, think creative blush placement, fresh pops of vivid color, and a youthful flush.”

Return to Real: “For 2024 beauty trends, it’s all about the return to real—real skin, real ingredients, real results,” says Rumsey. “No filters, no airbrushing, just healthy, glowing skin. Summer will always be the season for natural, glowing skin. During this busy time of running around in the sun with all of our summer activities, easy makeup-skincare hybrids are the top multitasking formulas we will all find ourselves reaching for.”

Main Character Makeup: “This summer, targeted looking too ‘done’ is on the out, and being replaced by creating a central feature, and letting the rest be more in the background,” says Rumsey. “You can still do your smokey eye, just less of a dramatic contour. And, don’t shy away from a bold lip statement, just make sure to go light on the cheeks and lids. Choose one feature to accentuate—eyes, cheeks, brows, or lips—to make a statement without looking too done and to avoid features from competing with one another.”

Summer Smokey Grunge: “The opposite of your typical summer bronzed lids, a diffused matte smokey eye is the easiest way to create a lived-in eye state ment this sea son,” says Rumsey. "Smudged-out smokey looks with accent tightlining will add just the right amount of effortless drama and definition.”