Former Gold’s Gym CEO Adam Zeitsiff Tapped To Lead Intelivideo

Adam Zeitsiff has been named as the new CEO of Intelivideo, Broomfield, Colorado, the company announced on Oct. 1.

Matt Givens, who had been CEO, is transitioning to chairman of Intelivideo’s board of directors.

Zeitsiff had been president and CEO of Gold’s Gym until late August after Germany-based RSG Group finalized its purchase of Gold’s Gym.

Intelivideo is a video on-demand (VOD) and digital technology platform for gyms and health clubs. With the temporary closures of health clubs earlier this year aimed to control the spread of COVID-19, video on demand use has increased in the fitness industry as many health club operators have moved classes online.

Zeitsiff himself helped guide Gold’s Gym through the hybridization process during the temporary closures.

“I’m one of them,” he said of health club operators. “I understand their pains. That’s why I want to talk to them about these kinds of solutions and see how we can help them make sure they can survive hyperlocally.”

As part of his plan to streamline the business to focus only on health, wellness and fitness, Zeitsiff will expand the marketing resources for gyms to promote their online offerings and offer clubs help in planning their programming from how much content to stream for niche member groups to determining how many live streams to do each day and at what time to host them, he told Club Industry.

“That’s a huge differentiator,” he said.  

Zeitsiff also plans to build Intelivideo’s sales team to reach more health club operators, particularly in the United States and Europe.

“This is a big enough industry that we can focus on the U.S. and Europe in health clubs and gyms for the next few years and build a very large company,” he said.

The opportunity to grow Intelivideo mirrors the opportunity health clubs have to expand their membership base.

“As a result of what COVID has done to put this industry in the spotlight, we as an industry have a unique opportunity to grab by the horns right now because the other 78 percent of people who don’t go to health clubs are starting to see why they should," he said. "They want a mixture of both digital and in-person.”

Intelivideo already has seen growth during the pandemic. Between March and July, the percent of active subscribers that began as free trials grew from 68 percent to 93 percent, according to the company. Intelivideo had a 322 percent increase in active subscribers with some individual clients seeing more than 500 percent subscriber base growth. At the peak of the COVID quarantine in April, Intelivideo’s average daily bandwidth consumption increased 850 percent and has since settled to a 316 percent average daily increase compared to pre-pandemic data. The minutes of video uploaded to the Intelivideo platform increased by 567 percent in three months.

“Post COVID, the world has changed in fitness,” Zeitsiff said. “If you are not in the game to offer this omnichannel approach, you are not going to stay in it very long.”

Zeitsiff has nearly 25 years of experience in the areas of technology, fitness and business leadership. In addition to his specialties in managing and accelerating global operations and business expansion, Zeitsiff has implemented digital innovations in organizations that include Smoothie King and Jonas Fitness as well as his experience at Gold’s Gym.