Breathe Easy in Pure Beauty and Wellness Spa’s New Himalayan Salt Cave

The Himalayan Salt Cave at Pure Beauty and Wellness Spa is now open // Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty and Wellness Spa

While most visitors of Telluride, CO are heading to the Colorado Rocky’s to hit the slopes, now guests of the former Victorian mining town can warm up with some R and R in Pure Beauty and Wellness Spa’s new Himalayan Salt Cave. 

The cave, which opened in summer of 2018, utilizes Himalayan salt rocks that are placed inside a graduation tower, or waterfall. The water breaks down the salt from the rocks, turning it into micro-particles that fill the air as guests breathe and absorb them through the skin. Once the salt particles enter the body and become absorbed by the body’s cells, the particles provide and nourish the body with 84 trace minerals, the same 84 minerals found naturally in the body. 

Improving the body’s mineral levels is beneficial for aching joints and muscles, while breathing in the Himalayan salt sparks an anti-inflammatory response that starts to break up the mucosal lining, increasing lung capacity and respiratory health. Both effects are beneficial for athletes after a day on the slopes—whether they need respiratory support and support adjusting to the altitude, or a place to relax their muscles after a day of activity. The Himalayan Salt Cave offers a host of other benefits as well, including stress and anxiety reduction, immune support, skin purification, body detoxification, and more.


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Participants can book shared sessions that are offered at the Cave during different times of the day, during which other guests who purchased the same time section would be in the Cave as well. Alternatively, guests can book private sessions, suitable for groups of up to six people. Private sessions are often used for private yoga lessons, as the Cave can accommodate up to three yogis, including the instructor. Another popular use of the Cave is for the spa’s Salt Cave Massage ($325, 60 min; $365, 90 min). Guided meditation sessions, children’s sessions, and stretching sessions are offered as well.

The spa suggests two to three sessions per week to experience the cave’s full healing effects, followed by two to three sessions per month once symptoms subside to promote long lasting benefits. The spa offers individual session rates in addition to a 10 pack of sessions, an unlimited monthly pass, a summer pass, and a winter pass.


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