Explore the World of Wellness with Naya Traveler

Surfing is just one way wellness-minded travelers can immerse themselves in specific destinations.

Exploring new horizons, Naya Traveler, which offers culturally immersive itineraries to a host of enticing destinations, recently introduced Wellness Wanders, specialty trips designed to detox, refuel, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

The brand's name, Naya, is a sacred Sanskrit term for wise, with purpose, and meaningful, which reflect the philosophy behind the company's planned journeys. The wellness-centric experiences are rooted in the ancient healing traditions of the destination and feature local experts and practitioners as well as indigenous ingredients and native remedies. Completely customized, the trips can be arranged as a private or group experience. Furthering its unique approach to travel options, the company offers a number of specialty trip varieties, including scholastic itineraries, culinary experiences, art-based trips, photography journeys, active getaways, and more.

From exploring ancient forms of wellbeing in Morocco to Ayurvedic medicine in South India, from detoxing with Pachamama in Peru to indulging in spirit-awakening sessions with Buddhist monks on a private-island retreat in Cambodia, these newly launched journeys invite wellness-seekers to experience the transformative power of travel.


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For more info, visit www.nayatraveler.com or e-mail [email protected].


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