Find Out What's New in Nutricosmetics

Discover what our experts predict will be hot in this growing wellness category:

“The fastest growing trend is biohacking. This means that the supplement is making real changes in the body because of it being in short supply or due to the delivery of several key ingredients at the same time, or because the ingredient alters the epigenetic effects of DNA. In other words, the presence of the ingredient turns on or off certain genes in the cells.”—Ben Johnson, M.D., founder and formulator, Osmosis Beauty

“Spas and consumers alike are making nutricosmetics a constant part of the beauty conversation. What started as a fast-growing trend of self-care during the pandemic has leveled off to become a lifestyle and is here to stay. Nutricosmetics give spas the opportunity to offer clients a product they can take home that can not only maintain their treatment results, but also enhance them. Although the concept of beauty from the inside out is now widely adopted, most clients don’t know what supplements they should take for their beauty concerns. Spas are the perfect educators when it comes to nutricosmetics. They can access the client’s skin and offer them ingredients to look for.”—Marc Ronert, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and founder, Hush and Hush

“Due to sophistication of the nutricosmetics market, new technologies, and growing clinical validation, the market is moving toward personalized needs via at-home testing and personalized assessments. Along with ‘skin cycling,’ expect to see ‘supplement cycling,’ where a periodized and simplified platform will take over within the nutricosmetics market. Also, brands will be transparent in not only the ingredients they use, but also where they come from and if they are sustainably sourced.”—Paula Simpson, founder of Nutribloom Consulting and a holistic health and beauty practitioner