Halekulani Announces Art of Wellbeing Sessions

Halekulani (Honolulu) has announced the lineup of its Art of Wellbeing sessions for spring and summer, which includes an experience with Visiting Master Michelle Pirret, an internationally renowned musician and sound therapist. The workshops offer an integrated and refreshed approach to living a balanced lifestyle and focuses on six key pillars–Nourish, Move, Explore, Renew, Rest, and Discover. The 75-minute presentations are led by Halekulani’s team of health and wellness experts. Lectures are complimentary for Halekulani and Halepuna Waikiki guests and are also available to the public for $25 per person.

The upcoming lecture series topics for May through August 2022 are as follows:

  • May 14 The Wonders of Astrology: Learn the key aspects of Eastern and Western practices and how these navigational tools might influence life’s circumstances and events.
  • May 28 Willpower: Harnessing Your Greatest Strength: Set yourself up for success with tips to overcome obstacles in the moment and for a lifetime.
  • June 11 The Principles of Feng Shui: Discover how to create balance and harmony within your living and working spaces with subtle arrangements and elements of nature.
  • June 25 Sonic Alchemy: Sound Meditation & Vibroacoustic Therapy–Join Visiting Master Michelle Pirret and experience vibrational healing for deep relaxation, improved sleep, stress reduction, and overall wellbeing
  • July 9 Numerology 101: Review the study focused on the significance of numbers and calculations on your life’s path.
  • July 23 Relationships with Food: Explore the dynamics between what we eat and why. Prepare your mindset for better choices.
  • August 13 Acupuncture: An Eastern Approach to Medicine–Understand this ancient practice and the countless benefits it offers today.

In addition to the lecture series, the spa is launching its first Visiting Master series of 2022 Sonic Alchemy: Sound Meditation & Vibroacoustic Therapy. The series features Michelle Pirret from June 19–27,2022. Benefits of Sound Therapy include improved sleep and jet-lag recovery, reduction in tension, stress, anxiety, and depression, an alternative form of pain management, increased work productivity and performance, and deeper connection to one’s intuition and higher self.