How The Female Persuasion Caused a Skincare Revolution

Feminine Care
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From #MeToo and #TimesUp to box offices dominated by women actors to record numbers of elected female politicians and countless other examples, a scan of the headlines in recent years will attest to the fact that women are front and center like never before across countless industries. This laser focus on addressing the needs of women is also happening in the wellness space, particularly as it relates to intimate care. As women become empowered in more aspects of their lives, it makes sense that they are becoming empowered about their vaginal health. From feminine-focused skincare to unique services for the V that can now be found across a gamut of spa facilities to high-tech femcare solutions, our industry is addressing the particular wellness needs of women in unique and meaningful ways.

Though facial skincare is both popular and lucrative for spas, a new focus has emerged—vaginal skincare. “I recognized the need for skincare for the V a few years ago,” says Avonda Urben, founder and CEO of The Perfect V, a line of products for the delicate skin of the bikini area. “We have niche beauty products for every part of our body, but nothing for the V—it was neglected for far too long.” It appears this neglect is ending, and a niche spas should consider has emerged. It includes clients seeking soothing following waxing, hair removal, and vaginal rejuvenation treatments; women recovering from childbirth or going through menopause; and those dealing with the side effects of cancer or other health issues, just to name a few.

According to a report from Technavio, the vaginal moisturizer market size is expected to surpass $152 million by 2022, and the feminine hygiene market is anticipated to reach $42.7 billion by 2022, per Allied Market Research. This femcare future is why both American Spa and Well+Good highlighted it as a 2019 trend to watch. Not surprisingly, a number of companies are taking notice and offering solutions.

Nelly de Vuyst recently debuted the comprehensive certified organic BioFemme line featuring 10 feminine hygiene, firming, and wellness products. Essence of Vali recently released Intimate, a moisturizer formulated with 100 percent natural oils, herbs, and butters. Other emerging brands include Lady Suite, a collection of intimate skincare products; celeb-fave Fur, which cleverly markets itself as for “head to toe, bare to bushy: Fur for all;” and Love Wellness, which offers an assortment of products for intimate care. One thing these brands have in common is a focus on purity due to the delicate nature of the area. Most are made with natural and organic—often vegan—ingredients and are tested by dermatologists and gynecologists. They tend to avoid ingredients like fragrances, silicones, sulfates, parabens, phalates, dyes, mineral oil, chemicals, or endocrine disruptors. They also address a client base that is growing more comfortable with clarifying its needs.

“Women are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of vaginal health and wellbeing,” says Manon Pilon, research and development director of Derme & Co. and Nelly de Vuyst. “They also are realizing that vaginal health is an extremely important factor in their entire lives, not only in their reproductive years. This is why products that are able to rebalance and maintain vaginal health and wellbeing are not just a trend but also represent a real need.”


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