This is the Most Stressed City in America

Some cities are more stressed than others. // Photo: PKpix/Shutterstock(Some cities are more stresed than others. Photo: PKpix / Shutterstock)

Whether its delays in your commute or preparing for a huge event, everyone gets stressed sometimes. Though there are remedies for these stressors like yoga or aromatherapy, there are still instances where stress can arise. Finances, home life, and health are all contributors to stress across many U.S. cities. Personal finance and wellness site WalletHub recently released its latest study on the most and least stressed cities in America. Here are just some of the findings. Are you surprised?

     Most Stressed Cities                                          Least Stressed Cities

1.     Detroit, MI 173.     San Jose, CA
2.     Cleveland, OH 174.     Cedar Rapids, IA
3.     Newark, NJ 175.     South Burlington, VT 
4.     Baltimore, MD 176.     Fargo, ND
5.     Philadelphia, PA 177.     Plano, TX
6.     St. Louis, MO 178.     Irvine, CA
7.     Cincinnati, OH 179.     Overland Park, KS
8.     Birmingham, AL 180.     Sioux Falls, SD
9.     Wilmington, DE 181.     Bismarck, ND
10.   Shreveport, LA 182.     Fremont, CA

The study also contained some of the potential contributors to these cities’ stresses. 

Best vs. Worst

  • Fayetteville, NC; Shreveport, LA; Augusta, GA; and Las Cruces, NM residents spend the fewest annual hours in traffic congestion per auto commuter, seven, which is 23.4 times fewer than in Boston, the city where residents spend the most at 164.

  • South Burlington, VT, has the lowest unemployment rate, 1.70 percent, which is 5.3 times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at 9 percent. 

  • Fremont, CA, has the lowest divorce rate, 10.22 percent, which is four times lower than in Cleveland, the city with the highest at 41.32 percent.
  • Burlington and South Burlington, VT, have the lowest share of adults in fair or poor health, 9.90 percent, which is 2.7 times lower than in Corpus Christi, TX the city with the highest at 26.90 percent.

Want to know how stressed your city is? View the full report and your city’s rank here


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